Aufruf (Yiddish: אויפרוף ofrif,oyfruf, ufruf/ifrif or אויפרופן ofrifn) is the Jewish custom of a groom being called up in the synagogue for an aliyah, i.e., recitation of a blessing over the Torah.[1] In the Ashkenazic Jewish community the aufruf ceremony is held on the Shabbat before the wedding; in the Sephardic and Mizrachi traditions, it is called Shabbat Hatan (lit. groom's Sabbath) and is held on the Shabbat after the wedding.

After the Torah reading, the congregation sings a congratulatory song and the women throw candies at the groom. In non-Orthodox congregations, the bride and groom may be called up to the Torah together.[2] It is customary for the family of the groom to invite the congregation to a festive kiddush after the services.[1]

It is common in many Ashkenazi Orthodox communities for the bride to not attend the aufruf because of the custom for the bride and groom to refrain from seeing each other for a week before the wedding. The custom is for the bride to remain at home surrounded by her girlfriends instead.[2]


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