Athenodorus (Greek: Αθηνόδωρος), also known as Athenogenes (Greek: Αθηνογένης), was Bishop of Byzantium from 144 until 148. During his years of office, which was at the time when the city was administrated by Zeuxippus, there was a significant increase of the Christian population. Athenodorus commissioned the construction of a second cathedral in Elaea, which was later renovated by Emperor Constantine I, who wanted to be buried there. Eventually, he was not buried there, as it was deemed improper for Emperors to be buried outside Byzantium. The cathedral was devoted to the martyrdoms of Eleazar and of the seven children in 2 Maccabees.

Preceded by
Polycarpus II
Bishop of Byzantium
Succeeded by

bg:Атенодор (Византия)gl:Atenodoro, bispo de Bizancio

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