Athanasius of Balad (634 – 688) AD was a medieval scholar and the patriarch of Antioch, Syria. A Christian monophysite, he devoted himself to Greek philosophy. He produced commentaries and translations of Greek texts into Syriac.


"For a terrible report about dissipated Christians has come to the hearing of our humble self. Greedy men, who are slaves of the belly, are heedlessly and senselessly taking part with the pagans in feasts together, wretched women mingle anyhow with the pagans unlawfully and indecently, and all at times eat without distinction from their sacrifices. They are going astray in their neglect of the prescriptions and exhortations of the apostles who often would cry out about this to those who believe in Christ, that they should distance themselves from fornication, from what is strangled and from blood, and from the food of pagan sacrifices, lest they be by this associates of the demons and of their unclean table." [1]


  1. External References to Islam

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