Athanasius V Matar
Patriarch of Antioch
Church Melkite Greek Catholic Church
See Patriarch of Antioch
Enthroned 14 August 1813
Reign ended 20 November 1813
Predecessor Ignatius IV Sarrouf
Successor Macarius IV Tawil
Personal details
Birth name Gabriel Matar
Died 20 November 1813

Athanasius V Gabriel Matar was Patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church for few months in 1813.


Gabriel Matar was born in Damascus[1]. He was the brother of patriarch Agapius II Matar and, as his brother, he too entered in the religious order of the Basilian Salvatorians. Gabriel Matar studied in Rome for a short period and was ordained priest in 1782. In 1798 he was consecrated bishop of Hauran by his brother patriarch Agapius II Matar, and in 1800 he was transferred to the diocese of Saida.[1]

On 14 August 1813[2] Gabriel Matar was elected patriarch, under the name Athanasius, by a synod of bishops held at Ain Traz Seminary. His election had no time to be confirmed by the Roman Congregation of Propaganda Fide because he died of Pestilence shortly later on 20 November 1813[3].[4]


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