Atarah is a Hebrew word meaning "crown." As an article of clothing, it is referenced in the following verses of the Hebrew Bible.

Crowns also serve as a metaphor in the following references:

  • Job 19:9 (Metaphorically, Job is stripped of glory and of a crown. See also: Job 31:36, where Job compares adversity to a crown )
  • Prov 4:9 (Where wisdom is compared metaphorically with a crown of glory. See also, Prov 14:24, Prov 16:31)
  • Prov 12:4 (Where the writer describes a virtuous woman as a crown to her husband)
  • Prov 17:6 (Grandchildren are the crowns of old men)
  • Isa 28:1 (Where the prophet condemns a crown of pride. See also Isa 28:3)
  • Isa 28:5 (Isaiah prophesies that God will be a crown of glory and a diadem of beauty. See also Isa 62:3)
  • Jer 13:18 (Jeremiah prophesies that Kings and queens will lose their crown of glory)
  • Lam 5:16 (Jeremiah laments the destruction of Judah, prophesying that the crowns will fall from their heads)
  • Eze 16:12 (Ezekiel speaks metaphorically, comparing the lost glory of Judah to a crown . See also Eze 21:26, Eze 23:42)

Other uses

The word is also used as a girl's name.

  • 1 Chron 2:26 ("Jerahmeel had another wife,whose name was Atarah; she was the mother of Onam"- NKJ Bible)

Modern day

Today the decoration on the top of a tallit is known as an atarah.

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