The name Astyoche or Astyocheia was attributed to the following individuals in Greek mythology.

  • Daughter of Laomedon by Strymo, Placia or Leucippe,[3] wife of Telephus and mother of Eurypylus (some call her daughter of Priam and wife of Eurypylus). She was bribed by Priam with a gold vine to persuade Eurypylus to go to the Trojan War, which resulted in him being killed in the battle[4][5][6] (cf. the story of Eriphyle). Together with Aethilla and Medesicaste, she was taken captive after the sack of Troy and set fire to the Greek ships during their stay on the Italian coast.[7]
  • Daughter of Actor, mother of Ascalaphus and Ialmenus with Ares.[8][9]
  • Sister of Agamemnon and Menelaus. She married Strophius, and became the mother of Pylades.[10] She is also known as Anaxibia[11] or Cydragora.[12]
  • Daughter of Itylus and possible mother of Ajax the Lesser.[21]
  • Mother of Euryalus by Mecisteus.[22]


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