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Our father among the saints Hieromartyr Asitus of Dyrrachium succeeded St. Caesarius, who was the first Bishop of Dyrrhachium. Asitus was martyred during the reign of the Roman Emperor Trajan (98 to 117). His feast day is June 4.

Saint Astius [Shën Asti] was the bishop of Dyrrhachium, the modern day city of Durres [1], Albania. During the reign of Roman emperor Trajan, he was arrested by Roman governor Agricola, beaten with leaden rods and oxhide whips and crucified, but he did not renounce Christ. They then covered his body in honey, and left him to be tortured by bees and hornets. Several other saints joined him as martyrs, as they were considered his sympathizers, being put in chains and thrown in the Adriatic Sea to drown.


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