The Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists (AOJS) is an organization of scientists that focuses on the interrelationships between science and Orthodox Jewish Halakha .

The organization was established at a meeting held on December 28, 1947, with a focus on five goals:

  • clarifying the connection between science and Torah;
  • considering the application of the principles of halakha in particular issues;
  • providing an opportunity for education and interaction with professionals sharing a common interest;
  • providing guidance to Orthodox Jewish students considering a career in science;
  • providing study and training in areas of science needed in Israel.[1]

The organization reached nearly 2,000 dues-paying members in the early 1960s.[1] Time magazine reported that the organization had over 1,000 members by the late 1960s.[2] AOJS is still active and recently celebrated it's 49th Annual Summer Convention, with the theme "A Torah-Informed Evaluation of Darwin's Theory of Evolution"

The AOJS Medical-Dental section maintains a list of Shomer Shabbos Medical Residency positions available around the U.S.


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