The Ashanti people of Ghana in West Africa are known for their colorful folktales and mythology.

The supreme being in the pantheon of the Ashanti is Nyame[1] (also Nyankopon), the omniscient, omnipotent sky god. His wife is Asase Yaa and they have two children, Bia and Tano. Asase Yaa is an earth goddess of fertility. The creator of the universe in Ashanti mythology is Odomankoma.[2]

The Ashanti believe lower gods, more akin to spirits, assist humans on earth. Onyame was traditionally supposed to be aloof and away from the Earth. As the Ashantis adopted Christianity, they used the word Onyame for God.

Anansi the Spider is a folk hero who plays no role in Ashanti mythology. He is, however, prominent in Ashanti folktales where he is depicted as a trickster.


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