Asaltic Pagan is based on old pagan religions combined with new age theories. Also philosophies from Khalil Gibran, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Bhudda, Mahatma Ghandi, and Jesus. The word Asaltic is a mutated version of the word Asatru. Asatru was used because of Yggdrasil in Asatru Mythology. Asaltics see the Yggdrasil as symbolizing the universe. They believe universe is always growing like a tree, new branches form and life is given and also taken. The tree is a figurehead, they worship Yggdrasil meaning the worship the universe. The spirit of the tree split in two is the God and the Goddess. Given the names Zaci and Neith which are roughly egyptian for Father and Mother. These represent the polar opposites of the universe and how they can join as one. It is also believed one can create their own deity by taking aspects of the universe.


-The 13 Esbats (Full Moons)

-The 4 Equinoxes and Solstices

-The 4 Midpoints (Between Equinoxes and Solstices)


The Asaltic belief is that if you believe you will go there, you will go there. For example, they believe the Vikings are in Valhalla because they believe in Valhalla. Christians go to Heaven/Hell because they believe in Heaven/Hell. If one achieves afterlife lucidity, or the belief that you control your own afterlife. Then they can go to heaven then move to hell, then if they dont like that too Valhalla or to a specific person's soul. They also believe if you choose to you can be reincarnated.

Asaltic People

Vercingtorix wasn't asaltic, however his revolution is used as a story that everyone goes through but in diffeerent ways. He revolted and gave his all in fighting for his cause, even though he lost he is still a hero. (to be continued)

The One Command

"If you hate a single soul, then your heart is black as coal" The Asaltic Belief is that all souls are equal.


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