Artavazik Church
Արտավազիկ Եկեղեցի
Artavazik Church Front.JPG

Artavazik Church with a large khachkar monument seen behind the church across the ravine.

Basic information
Location Byurakan village, Aragatsotn Province, Template:Flag
Geographic coordinates 40°20′24″N 44°16′13″E / 40.3400°N 44.2703°E / 40.3400; 44.2703Coordinates: 40°20′24″N 44°16′13″E / 40.3400°N 44.2703°E / 40.3400; 44.2703
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Status Ruins
Architectural description
Architectural type Small cruciform central-plan
Architectural style Armenian
Year completed 7th century, with a 13th century khachkar monument behind.
Dome(s) 1 (collapsed); bellfry drum preserved (bellfry dome collapsed).
Armenia location map
Shown within Armenia

Artavazik Church (Armenian: Արտավազիկ Եկեղեցի) of the 7th century is located in a stone field one kilometer northeast just a little outside the village of Byurakan in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. The name of the church goes back to the Armenian king at the time, presumed to be the founder.


The church is a small cruciform monoconch type structure with a long west arm and semicircular eastern apse that is narrower by far than the other three arms. In the northeast corner is a "study" or prayer room. Large portions of walls and a section of the gable roof at the western end are preserved, as well as a large section of the lower-drum of a bellfry that rests above the front entry. The bellfry had been added in the 13th century but has recently collapsed. Four tall and thin columns stood on the rim of a lower-drum and once supported a slightly narrower upper-drum with a dome above. A small portion of their footings may still be seen. The lower and upper drums were both decorated with interwoven geometric knot designs that encircled the structural elements. There was originally a large octagonal drum and dome that stood above the center of the church before the collapse of its main roof. Adjacent to the church southwest are the remains of the badly damaged dome. Behind the church and across the small ravine is a huge khachkar monument from the 13th century with a shed roof at the rear.



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