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Ariano Suassuna
Born 1927
Joao Pessoa, Paraíba
Occupation playwriter
Nationality Brazilian Flag of Brazil

Ariano Suassuna (born João Pessoa, 1927) is a Brazilian playwright and author.

Four of his plays have been filmed and he is considered one of Brazil's greatest living playwrights. He is also an important regional writer doing various novels set in the Northeast of Brazil. He received an honorary doctorate at a ceremony performed at a circus. He is the author of, among other works, the "Auto da Compadecida" and "A Pedra do Reino". He is a staunch defender of the culture of the Northeast, and his works deal with the popular culture of the Northeast.


  • Auto da Compadecida, (1959);
  • O Castigo da Soberba, (1960);
  • O Casamento Suspeitoso, (1961);
  • Uma Mulher Vestida de Sol, (1964);
  • O Rico Avarento, (1964);
  • O Santo e a Porca, (1964);
  • Pena e a Lei, (1974);
  • Alto da Boa Preguiça, (1982).


  • A Pedra do Reino e o Príncipe do Sangue do Vai-e-Volta, (1971).
  • História d'O Rei Degolado nas caatingas do sertão: ao sol da Onça Caetana, (1977).

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