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There are many arguments against homosexuality based on religious grounds and on its effects on society which include such matters as the negative health effects of homosexuality and that homosexual couples experience significant higher rates of domestic violence.

In 2003, the Pew Research Center stated that in the United States, religious beliefs underpin opposition to homosexuality according to a study they conducted. [1] Judeo-Christian objections nearly always refer to what the Bible states about homosexuality, which, it is argued, condemns homosexual acts in both Old and New Testaments. For example, Leviticus 18:22 says

"A man shall not lie with man as with a woman."

Historically, all the way through medieval times, there was no discussion of homosexuality per se, only condemnation of those sexual acts, whether heterosexual or homosexual, that were not natural to procreation. The practices were condemned based upon being unnatural.[2]


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