All victory belongs to the One God in all! May we rise to answer the Guru’s call!
May Pritham Bhagautee, the primal power give us help and strength in our darkest hour.
Let us meditate on the lives of the Ten Gurus who walked the path of Infinite Truth.
Guru Nanak, the first of Ten to be God’s true friend,
Angad, who served him until the end,
Amar Das, who taught by his humble example,
Ram Das, who gave us the Golden Temple,
Arjun who died a martyr’s death,
Hargobind, a warrior, until his last breath,
Siri Har Rai, who cared for the weak and the small,
Siri Har Krishan, whose noble death healed them all.
Teg Bahadur, whose nine treasures bring infinite worth,
Guru Gobind Singh, protector of the faith upon this earth.
Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji embodies each one,
Through its divine presence, their work is done.
Let the living Guru bring us infinite peace,
And the blessed experience of our soul’s release.
Khalsa Ji Sahib, Bolo Ji, Sat Nam, Siri Waheguru!

May we remember the courage of Guru Gobind Singh’s four sons,
And join in praise of the five beloved ones,
Think of Mai Bhago and the forty liberated ones.
Praise be to the five holy thrones where the Guru knelt,
And all the places where His presence is felt.
Khalsa Ji Sahib, Bolo Ji, Sat Nam, Siri Waheguru!

Bless those who meditate upon His Name,
Let us give our praise to the same,
To all the masters, warriors, saints, and sages,
To all those who sacrificed throughout the ages.
Khalsa Ji Sahib, Bolo Ji, Sat Nam, Siri Waheguru!

Remember those who were cut up limb by limb,
Who offered their very lives to Him,
And each woman who uttered no cry of complaint,
As she quietly sacrificed her own small saint,
Keeping all their hair to the very last breath,
They gave life to Sikh Dharma with the power of their death.
Khalsa Ji Sahib, Bolo Ji, Sat Nam, Siri Waheguru!

Now let the whole Khalsa remember the Name,
Let the whole Khalsa give praise to the same.
Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru!

May all bodies of the Khalsa be under His protection,
May we always surrender to His grace and perfection.

Let the Lord’s glory prevail in the heavens and on earth,
As we reflect His glory with our dignity and worth.

With Deg and Teg may we achieve victory,
May God’s Holy Sword make us forever free.

May the pure ones prevail throughout time and space,
May the Khalsa light the way for the whole human race.

May the realm of justice come to all parts,
May love reside in all of our hearts.

May we be humble, yet also wise,
May the light of the True One shine in our eyes.
Khalsa Ji Sahib, Bolo Ji, Sat Nam, Siri Waheguru!

Grant us the gift of Sikh Dharma,
To wash away the stain of karma,
Grant us the gift of Thy Holy Word and Name,
So that Thy breath and ours may be the same.

Grant us the gift of faith and confidence in Thee,
So that our lives may be forever free.
May we bathe in Harimandir Sahib’s holy waters,
To be reborn as the Guru’s sons and daughters.

As we sing our songs with a sacred voice,
In our homes everywhere, let us now rejoice.

May our flags fly freely across the land,
May our gurdwaras be blessed by His hand,
By His will, forever our takhts and forts shall stand.
Khalsa Ji Sahib, Bolo Ji, Sat Nam, Siri Waheguru!

May we strike lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment from within,
May our true lives, at last, begin.

O Honor of those who are stained with shame,
O Home to those who live in pain,
O hope of the hopeless to live again,
O Guru, the shelter from sorrow’s rain,
We stand before Thee to offer our prayers,
So that Thy divine love will ease our cares.


Give us Thy divine light and clarity,
So that we may know what pleases Thee.

We have heard Thy Word, O True King,
Of Thy infinite praises, we sing!

Bless the Guru ka Langar and Guruprashad placed at Thy feet,
May these holy vibrations make us strong and sweet.

Forgive us our straying from the Path of Dharma,
Help us to choose our Destiny over our karma.

Let Thy Holy Name prevail in each soul,
So that all men and women of love may become whole.

Through Nanak, may Thy Name forever increase,
So that our spirits may finally gain their release,
And this earth and mankind be blessed with peace.

Nanak Nam Chardi Kala, Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bala.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Gurukirn Kaur (Phoenix, Arizona)

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