The Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut is one of the nineteen archdioceses of the Church of Antioch. The establishment of the Archdiocese of Beirut is attributed by tradition to the Apostle Quartos, one of the Seventy. The area within the archdiocese has varied through the centuries as the Orthodox population had changed. At different times the area of Mount Lebanon has been part of the Archdiocese of Beirut.

The diocese includes the area of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and the town of Souk El Gharb and consists of eleven parishes and two women’s monastic communities. The diocese is served by eighteen priests and four deacons.

In addition to its religious structure, the archdiocese supports a social structure that includes the 300 bed general hospital, St. George Hospital, that was founded in 1878, a nursing home for the elderly, and three dispensaries. These social and educational services are provided to the Lebanese population regardless of their religious, racial, or ethnic status.

Ruling bishops

Elias (Audi) 1980 to Present


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