Archbishop of Hong Kong

Arms of the Province
Paul Kwong
Style The Most Reverend
Residence Bishop's House,
Hong Kong
Peter Kwong
Formation AD 1998
Bishop's House, Anglican Church, Hong Kong

The Bishop's House, office and residence of the Archbishop

The Archbishop of Hong Kong (traditional Chinese: 香港聖公會大主教) is the senior bishop, spiritual and moral leader of the Anglican Province of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. He is, usually, also the Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Hong Kong Island and Primate of Hong Kong (traditional Chinese: 教省主教長). The Archbishop of the Province is elected by the General Synod in which all Houses meet in a joint session[1]. It is notable that the Archbishop ranks first among the religious leaders in the order of precedence of Hong Kong.

The current Archbishop of Hong Kong is the Most Revd Paul Kwong (traditional Chinese: 鄺保羅) and his seat is at the St. John's Cathedral. The Bishop's House is the office and residence of the Archbishop.

Functions and duties

The Archbishop chairs the meeting of the Provincial General Synod. As the chief pastor of the Province, he is responsible for[1]:

  • speaking in the name of the Church or the General Synod;
  • giving leadership in initiating and developing policy and strategy of the Church, including implementation of resolutions of the General Synod throughout the Church;
  • representing the Province in its relationship with the rest of the Anglican Communion and with other churches, and on behalf of the Province, communicating with other primates;
  • ordering for the consecration and installation of Diocesan Bishops when duly elected, and from time to time, assembling other bishops to meet with the new Diocesan bishop;
  • convening and presiding over the meetings of the General Synod, the House of Bishops, and the Standing Committee;
  • visiting every Diocese, Missionary Diocese and Missionary Area and holding pastoral consultations with the Bishops thereof;
  • preaching the Word; and
  • celebrating Sacraments.

List of Archbishops

Since the establishment of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, the office of Archbishop of Hong Kong is created as the Head of Anglican Church in Hong Kong and Macau:


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