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Archbishop Michael of Ohrid and Macedonia (Macedonian: Михаил, Mihail) was the fourth Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia and once primate of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

Archbishop Michael was born in Novo Selo, Ottoman Empire (now Republic of Macedonia) in 1922. He had been a longstanding professor and dean at the theological faculty of the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje before being elected as the leader of the Macedonian Orthodox Church on December 4, 1993.

Archbishop Michael died on July 6, 1999, and is remembered for his great oratory.

Preceded by
Gabriel II
Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia
Succeeded by
bg:Михаил (архиепископ)

mk:Архиепископ Охридски и Македонски г.г. Михаил

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