Apostolicum Pascendi Minis was a papal bull, issued by Pope Clement XIII, 12 January 1765, in defense of the Society of Jesus.

It relates that both privately and publicly the Society was the object of much calumny. On the other hand, the Society was the subject of praise on the part of bishops for the useful work its members were doing in their dioceses.

To confirm this approval and to counteract the calumnies which had been spreading throughout different countries, the Pope confirmed the Society as it was originally constituted, approved its end and its method of work, and whatever sodalities its members have under their charge.


In 1764 the Jesuits had been expelled from France by Louis XV. Internally in the Catholic Church, also, they were under pressure. The temporary suppression of the Jesuits would take place in 1773, after partial suppression in significant countries in 1767.


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This article incorporates text from the entry Apostolicum Pascendi Minis in Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913, a publication now in the public domain.

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