The Holy hieromartyr Apollinaris of Ravenna was the first Bishop of Ravenna during the apostolic times of the first century. His feast day is July 20.


Apollinaris was a native of Antioch who accompanied the Apostle Peter to Rome and was sent by him to Ravenna. [1] Apollinaris was well read in Greek and Latin. In Ravenna his teaching and miracles brought hostile attention to him, resulting in his being persecuted and driven from the city by the pagans. Remaining in the vicinity of Ravenna he continued to evangelize until he again was compelled to flee.

After being expelled, Apollinaris journeyed to Dalmatia, Pannonia, Thrace, and Corinth where he preached for three years. He then returned to Ravenna to preach, perform miracles, and suffer further persecutions. He was martyred during the rule of Vespasian on July 23, in the year 78, after an episcopate of 28 years. He died in the port town of Classis, where he was buried.


  1. Liber Pontificalis, ap. Muratori, Rer. It. Script. ii. part i.
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Bishop of Ravenna
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