In Greek mythology, the name Apheidas (Ancient Greek: Ἀφείδας, gen. Ἀφείδαντος) may refer to:

  • Son of Arcas by either Erato, Leaneira, Meganeira (daughter of Croco) or the nymph Chrysopeleia, brother of Elatus, Azan and others. After his father's death he became king of Tegea. His children were Aleus and Stheneboea.[1][2][3][4]
  • Son of Polypemon, from Alybas. Odysseus at first introduces himself as Eperitus, son of this Apheidas, when he comes to see Laertes after having done away with the suitors of Penelope.[5]
  • A Centaur who attended the wedding of Pirithous and Hippodamia.[6]
  • A king after whom a part of Molossians were named Apheidantes.[7]
  • King of Athens, son of Oxyntes. After a short reign of one year, his brother Thymoetes succeeded him on the throne.[8]


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