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Our father among the saints Anysios of Thessaloniki (383/4-406/7) was the student, co-worker and successor, of Saint Acholios (or Ascholios) [1], to the bishop's throne in 383/4. Not much of his life is available, however, there is an epistle from Pope Damasos for Anysios to be the representing Vicar for the area of Illyriko. [2] This title has also been referenced by a Pope Sirikio (384-398). It is also known that Anysios played a significant role in the vindication of St. John Chrysostom. Much of Anysios's biography is recorded in the Roman martyrologion. He is commemorated by the church December 30 same day as Saint Anysia.


  1. Saint Acholios, Bishop of Thessaloniki during the 4th-century, is commemorated by the church January 23. He was a big personality in that time being referred to by Saint Basil the Great as a "beacon of light for the church" a "charismatic person".
  2. During the time of Acholios the Bishop's throne in Thessaloniki was called the Vicariate and was never a Patriarchate; this was recorded December 11, 384.

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