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Anupassanā: Contemplation, deep reflection, profound consideration:

1: Contemplating constructions as impermanent, one leaves behind the perception of permanence. 2: Contemplating them as painful, one leaves behind the perception of happiness. 3: Contemplating them as not self, one leaves behind the perception of ownership. 4: Becoming disillusioned, one leaves behind delighting. 5: Causing fading away of lust, one leaves behind greed. 6: Causing ceasing, one leaves behind creating. 7: Relinquishing, one leaves behind clinging. Pts.M. I, p. 58. - See also Vis.M XXI, 43; XXII, 114.


Maha Thera Nyanatiloka. Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines, Buddhist Publication Society, first edition 1952.

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