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Antonio Pucci (born 8 October 1485 in Firenze – 12 October 1544 in Bagnoreggio) was a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

Antonio Pucci emanated from the Florentine noble family of Pucci. He was a nephew of Cardinals Roberto Pucci and Lorenzo Pucci.

After Antonio Pucci participated in the Fifth Council of the Lateran (1512–1517), he served as Nuncio in Switzerland from 1517 to 1521. From 1518 he was bishop of Pistoia. From 1529 to 1541 Pucci was bishop of Vannes. Since 1 October 1529 he was Penitentiary major. Pucci was appointed Cardinal by Pope Clement VII on 22 September 1531. His titular church was Santi Quattro Coronati. He participated in the papal conclave of 1534 that elected Pope Paul III. Pucci later became bishop of the suburbicarian dioceses of Albano (1542/43) and of Sabina (1543/44).

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