Not to be confused with Cardinal Antonio Barberini (1607-1671)
Cardinal Antonio Barberini

Portrait of Antonio Marcello Barberini by Antonio Alberti, ca. 1629-1631.

Antonio Marcello Barberini (18 November 1569 - 11 September 1646) was an Italian cardinal, younger brother of Pope Urban VIII, who elevated him in 1624.

Born in Florence, he was a member of the Order of Capuchins. He was bishop of Senigallia (1625-1628), Grand Inquisitor of the Roman Inquisition (1629-1633), Librarian of the Holy Roman Church (1633-1646) and Grand penitentiary (1633-1646). He participated in the papal conclave, 1644. Died at Rome, at the age of 77.

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