Theodoric was an antipope in 1100 and 1101.

Antipope Clement III died on September 8, 1100. His followers in Rome met secretly at night in St. Peter's Basilica and elected and enthroned Cardinal Teodorico, the Bishop of Albano, who then went by the name of Theodoric. Forced to abandon Rome, Theodoric was seized three and a half months later and brought before Pope Paschal II, where he was condemned and declared an antipope and then sent to the monastery of La Cava, Salerno, where he died in 1102, according to the epitaph in the crypt of the monastery. In La Cava there's a memorial plaque that commemorate him with the pontifical name of "Sylvester III", because Pope Sylvester III, at that time, was considered an antipope. His successor was Antipope Albert (1101).

et:Theodoricusgl:Teodorico, antipapa

hr:Teodorik, protupapala:Theodoricus (antipapa) hu:Theoderich (ellenpápa)ru:Теодорих (антипапа) sv:Theoderic uk:Теодорих (антипапа)

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