Antipope Paschal III (or Paschal III) was Antipope from 1164 to 20 September 1168.

His real name was Guido of Crema. Paschal III was the second of the antipopes to challenge the reign of Pope Alexander III. In 1164, a small number of cardinals who had elected Victor IV met again to vote Paschal III as his successor. He was established at Viterbo and successfully prevented the legitimate pontiff from reaching Rome.

In order to gain more support from Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, Paschal canonized Charlemagne in 1165. The Roman Catholic Church has never recognized this canonization. In 1179, the Third Council of the Lateran annulled all of his ordinances.

gl:Pascual III, antipapa

hr:Paskal III., protupapala:Paschalis III hu:III. Paszkál (ellenpápa)pt:Antipapa Pascoal III fi:Paschalis III sv:Paschalis III uk:Пасхалій III (антипапа)

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