Celestine II (born Teobaldo Boccapecci or Boccapeconai, Latin Thebaldus Buccapecuc) was an antipope for one day, December 16, 1124. He was considered legitimate, but nonetheless submitted to the opposing pope, Honorius II.

He was made a Cardinal Deacon by Paschal II. He was selected as pope in a confused and chaotic election, in which Theobald and another cardinal, Saxo, were supported by the Pierleoni family. During the process of Celestine's investment, Robert Frangipani and a body of troops broke into the church and proclaimed Lamberto Cardinal Scannabecchi (a man of considerable learning) pope.

On Celestine's resignation, Scannabecchi became Honorius II.

gl:Celestino II, antipapa

hr:Celestin II., protupapala:Caelestinus II (antipapa) hu:II. Celesztin (ellenpápa)pt:Antipapa Celestino II fi:Celestinus II (vastapaavi) sv:Celestinus II (motpåve) uk:Целестін II (антипапа)

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