Anthony the Hermit (c. 468 – c. 520), also known as Antony of Lérins', is a Christian saint. Anthony was born in Italy in the late 5th century, and raised from the age of eight by his relative St. Severinus. Upon the death of Severinus, Anthony was sent to Germany and put in the care if his uncle, German bishop Constatius of Lorsch.

In 488, at about 20 years of age, Anthony returned to Italy to take up a eremitic life. He was eventually joined by numerous disciples and chose to seek greater solitude in Gaul.

At Lérins, Anthony continued his life as a monk and became well known for his holiness in spite of the fact that he resided there only two years before he died.

Anthony the Hermit is commemorated on 28 December by the Western Rite Orthodox and in the Roman Catholic Church.[1]

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