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Anthony, John, and Eustathius of Vilnius were 14th century martyrs (d. 1347) of the Russian Orthodox Church.

They were attached to the Muscovite mission in the court of the pagan warlord, Algirdas (Olgierd) of Lithuania. Grand Duke Algirdas was married to the Russian Christian Princess Yaroslavna, and the missionaries were present to minister to the religious needs of the princess and her retinue. The Grand Duke had nominally converted to Orthodoxy, but upon the death of Yaroslavna, he apostasised and resumed his pagan ways. All evangelizing became strictly proscribed. The three youths, all popular and promising courtiers, were apprehended for preaching in public and brought before Algirdas, who ordered them to consume meat during a solemn fast. When they refused, he had them tortured and killed. Their incorrupt relics are now enshrined in the crypt chapel below the altar of the cathedral church in the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Vilnius (Vilna), Lithuania.

Their feastday is celebrated on April 14.

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