"If you want boring, don't call Anne".
Anne Thornley-Brown

Opinion articles written by Anne Thornley-Brown

A Jamaican-born Christian involved in acting ministry in Canada.

Anne is a professional actress and a member of ACTRA. She also runs her own consulting firm called Executive Oasis International, specializing in executive retreats, business team building simulations and upscale corporate events. Featured destinations include Canada, Jamaica, Dubai, Oman, Egypt, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Anne is concerned about media messages and images of women and visible minorities and their impact on young people.

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Christian Testimony

Anne became a Christian at age 12 at a Bible Camp in Quebec.

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How to Help

Please keep Anne in mind for speaking parts on TV and in film and TV commercial and referring potential clients to Executive Oasis International.

She is also seeking a producer for her coming of age screenplay "Back A Yad" which is set in Canada and Jamaica.

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