Blessed Anna Maria Taigi
Laywoman; Mystic
Born May 29, 1769, Siena, Italy
Died June 9, 1837, Rome, Italy
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Beatified 1920 by Pope Benedict XV
Feast June 9
Attributes Wife, Mother; Mystic, Visionary; Trinitarian[disambiguation needed] tertiary; Trinitarian Order scapular, crucifix, luminous globe
Patronage housewives, mothers, and victims of verbal and spousal abuse

Anna Maria Gesualda Antonia Taigi (née Giannetti; 29 May 1769 - 9 June 1837) was an Italian woman who was beatified by Pope Benedict XV in 1920[1].


Taigi was born in Siena. Her parents kept an apothecary shop at Siena, but lost all their fortune and were obliged to go to Rome in search of a livelihood. Anna Maria was then five years old. In 1789 she was married on to Dominico Taigi, a retainer of the noble family of Chigi. One day while she knelt with her husband at the Confessio in St. Peter's she felt a strong inspiration to renounce the world.

Soon afterwards she was received publicly in the Third Order of Trinitarians in the Church of S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, and having found spiritual directors, she made progress in the Way of Perfection. Though not rich she was very charitable. Of the hospitals she regularly visited, the preferred one was S. Giacomo of the Incurables.

During many years, when praying in her chapel she had ecstasies and frequent visions, in which she allegedly foresaw the future. After death her name soon became venerated in Rome, where she died. Her body was claimed to be incorrupt and was several times transferred, and rests finally at S. Crisogono in Trastevere.


This article incorporates text from the entry Ven. Anna Maria Gesualda Antonia Taigi in Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913, a publication now in the publicТаиджи, Анна Мария Джезуальда Антония

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