Ankawa (Aramaic: ܥܢܟܒܐ, Arabic:عنكاوا, ‘Ankāwā), is an Iraqi town of about 20,000 people, in practice a suburb of Arbil, Erbil Governorate in northern Iraq. The town is predominantly Assyrian, comprising mostly adherents of the Chaldean Catholic Church and the Church of the East. The town houses the compounds for the majority of the NGOs and international organizations active in the north of Iraq. The town is adjacent to the new Erbil International Airport[1].

The majority of the refugees that left Ankawa now lives in Sweden, most of them are living in Eskilstuna (3,000), with Australia (2,000) being the second most common destination. The rest has mainly settled in Canada or the USA. The current security situation in Ankawa is stable, which has led to an influx of internally displaced persons from other parts of Iraq[2].

Ankawa is a beautiful town that has remained home to many of the same Chaldean descendants since its formation,they helped this town grow and retain its history.

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