The Anglican Diocese of Lesotho is a diocese in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.


Lesotho was originally included in the Anglican Diocese of the Free State but became an independent diocese in 1950.

The seat of the diocese is The Cathedral Of St Mary And St James in Maseru in Lesotho.

List of Bishops

  • John Arrowsmith Maund 1950-1976
  • Desmond Mpilo Tutu 1976-1978
  • Philip Stanley Mokuku 1978-1997
  • Andrew Thabo Duma 1997-1999
  • Joseph Mahapu Tsubella 1999-2006
  • See Vacant - 2007
  • Mallane Adam Taaso 2008 - present


  • Anglican Pioneers in Lesotho: Some Account of the Diocese of Lesotho, 1876-1930 by Reginald Dove.

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