Andy Shernoff (born 19 April 1955, Queens, New York) is a Jewish American musician, oenophile, and founding member of The Dictators, one of the original New York punk bands, in which he played bass, sang backing vocals and occasional leads, and wrote most of the songs. He has also been involved with a side project with Keith Streng of The Fleshtones called The Master Plan. He also appeared on Joey Ramone's solo album, Don't Worry About Me.

As both a journalist and a musician, Andy Shernoff is often credited as "Adny Shernoff," a deliberate typo transposing the second and third letters of his name. Shernoff has never explained the reasoning behind this stylistic quirk.

Besides The Dictators and The Master Plan, Shernoff has performed with, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, The Resistence with Joey Ramone, The David Roter Method with Al and Joe Bouchard, Maximum R&B, The Bel-Airs

As producer he has worked with, The Dictators, Master Plan, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, The Figgs, Sin City Six, The Kowalski's, Golden Horde, The Barracudas, Untamed Youth, D Generation, Adrenalin OD, The Electric Playboys, The Smithereen, Prisonshake, Guided by Voices, The Waldos, Amphetamine Discharge, The Bonzos, The Blue Chieftans, The Blood Drained Cows, Metadona, Alter Boys, Stop, David Roter Method, Sibling Rivalry with Joey Ramone & Mickey Leigh, The Zantees with Billy Miller and Miriam Linna, Wheelers and Dealers, Sic F*cks with Tish and Snooky, The Cyclones

His songs have been recorded by, The Dictators, Master Plan, The Ramones, Dee Dee Ramone, Joey Ramone, Mary Weiss, Dion DiMucci and The Little Kings, Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, Drivin and Cryin, Baptized By Fire, The Del-Lords, The Toilet Boys, The Young Fresh Fellows, The Nomads, The Untamed Youth, 69 Eyes, The Golden Arms, The Pleasure Fuckers, The Fastbacks, The Vikings, The David Roter Method, The Streetwalkin Cheetahs, Teengenerate, Texas Terri, Tom Clark, The Screaming Tribesman, The Smugglers, The Meatmen, Sex Museum, The Sons of Hercules, Electric Frankenstein, The Prissteens, Park Central Squares, The Alter Boys, The Hudson Falcons, Metal Mike, Tesco Vee, The Mighty Ions, Sismicos, Lawn Vultures, The Statics, The Persuaders, The Scared Stiffs, Furious George, Powder Monkeys, Parasites, Wanda Chrome & The Leather Pharohs, Los Vivos, the Phanthom Fliers, Labanak, The Wretched Ones, Angel Corpus Christi, Rick Blaze & The Ball Busters, Asteroid B612, Electric Frankenstein, Fifi & The Mach III, Jeff Dahl, Shock Treatment

Shernoff has performed on the following records:, The Ramones – Brain Drain & Mondo Bizarro, Joey Ramone - Don’t Worry About Me & Live At The Bottom Line, The Fleshtones- Powerstance

His songs have been in the following movies and television shows:, Kindergarten Cop, Boys Don’t Cry, Garage Days, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dance Me Outside, Final Rinse, Convenience Store and Alone In the Dark.


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