Andouin Aubert (Aldouin Alberti) (died 1363) was a French jurist, bishop and Cardinal.

He was a nephew of Pope Innocent VI. He became apostolic notary, and was made bishop of Paris in 1349. In 1350 he was bishop of Auxerre, and in 1353 bishop of Maguelonne. The next year he resigned as bishop, and took up residence in Avignon, having been created cardinal priest of Ss. Giovanni e Paolo in 1353.

He became bishop of Ostia in 1361.

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Pierre Bertrand du Colombier
Cardinal-bishop of Ostia
Succeeded by
Elie de Saint Yrieux
Preceded by
Pierre de Cros
Bishop of Auxerre
Succeeded by
Jean d’Auxois
Preceded by
Arnaud de Verdale
Bishop of Maguelonne
Succeeded by
Durand de Chapelles
Preceded by
Foulques de Chanac
Bishop of Paris
Succeeded by
Pierre de Lafôret

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