Anamism is the belief that everything associated with nature is holy and are all deities of god. Humans, animals, plants, rivers, mountains, forests, planets, are all a form of god. The Anamist god is not like the traditional Christian God. Anamists don't believe in a supernatural being, but that everything makes up god.


Anamists believe that everything not made unnaturally by man is an entity of god. Anamists don't believe that all these things carry out god's will, but that everything is god. You are god, the tree outside your house is god, your neighbour's cat is god. Everything not man-made is god, and we all have to live our lives fully and with happiness.


When we are born, we are born with a soul. this soul is our piece of god. It does not possess any special power other than what you can do as a person. A ritual carried out after birth, called Abhainn, is similiar to the Christian Baptism. The baby has water poured over them, cleansing them and renewing their soul.


Anamists believe that when you die, you get reincarnated into a new entity untill you have experienced true happiness. When you have lived your life fully and joyously, your soul finally dies. There is no afterlife, and death is like being asleep. There is nothing, the soul does not exist anymore, it is dead. A ceremony is held when someone dies, it is to celebrate their passing into the next life, or their eternal sleep. It is a joyous occassion and food is served with wine and celebration of the soul's journey.


Anamists have three celebrations collectively called Cellerah.

  • Abhainn - Soul cleansing, within the first year of birth.
  • Aonta - Union ceremony between two people.
  • Dere - The ceremony held when someone dies.

Besides the Cellerah weekly or monthly ceremonies are held called festa, or meeting. This is when a group of Anamists come together and cook a meal with each other and share it together while talking about various issues that affect them and then pray together.

When praying, it is never prayed to god. because we are all god. when we pray, we pray to each other and ourselves. We may pray for good health or happiness, but this is just hope. We do not believe in an all powerful god who decides our fate, what we do affects the world in which we live in.

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