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In Greek mythology, Amyclas (Ἀμύκλας) refers to three individuals:

  • Amyclas was the son of Lacedemon and Sparta, and he was the brother of Eurydice (no relation to Orpheus' Eurydice). According to Pseudo-Apollodorus, he was the father of Hyacinth and Cynortas; according to Pausanias, he was also the father of Laodamia or Leaneira, wife of Arcas,[1][2] eponymous hero of Arcadia. He was the mythical founder of Amyclae in central Laconia.
  • Amyclas was the son of Amphion and daughter of Niobe. He perished with his brothers and sisters in the massacre of Niobides. In other versions, however, he was presented as the only surviving male (with his sister Chloris, not the same as the Roman equivalent of Flora). When Laius the rightful king of Thebes returned, he was exiled and fled to Sparta, where some say he founded Amyclae.
  • Amyclas or Amyclus of Heraclea, a pupil of Plato's


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