According to the Book of Mormon, Amulon was a Nephite that lived in the second century B.C. He was one of the wicked priests of the ill-fated King Noah. Upon King Noah's death and the invasion of the Lamanites into the land of Nephi, Amulon and a group of priests (later dubbed Amulonites) fled into the wilderness. They were later found by the Lamanite army in a place which they had named Amulon (after their leader). After persuading the Lamanites to spare their lives, the people joined the Lamanites in going returning to the land of Nephi, only to stumble upon the group settled at Helam, led by Alma the Elder (who was also once a priest of King Noah). Amulon was then placed as a puppet ruler by the Lamanites over the people at Helam. The Book of Mormon record credits Amulon for having the language of Nephi taught among all the Lamanites. Despite his achievements, he was a cruel ruler, imposing grievous taxes upon the people of Alma, who eventually escaped his rule.

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