This article is about the Book of Mormon explorer. For the prominent Book of Mormon missionary, see Ammon (Book of Mormon missionary).

Ammon was the leader of a Nephite expedition from Zarahemla, sent to discover the fate of Zeniff and his people who had not been heard from for 75 years, according to the Book of Mormon. Zeniff and his followers left Zarahemla and travelled to Nephi, their ancestral home, which was then in possession of the Lamanites. Ammon himself was not a Nephite by birth, but a descendant of Zarahemla and thus a Mulekite.[1] This may have contributed to his expedition, not knowing the actual route to Nephi.[2]

Ammon and his men discovered the descendants of the people of Zeniff, who had successfully colonized Nephi, but were now enslaved by the Lamanites. Zeniff's grandson Limhi then ruled under the Lamanites and initially imprisoned Ammon. Upon learning who Ammon was, he released him and rejoiced in his arrival. Ammon, Gideon, and King Limhi devised a plan to escape from the Lamanites, wherein they made the Lamanite guards drunk. The plan was successful and Ammon led them back to Zarahemla.[3]

Prior to their escape, Ammon taught the people of Limhi the famous sermon of King Benjamin and helped convert them to the gospel. However, when the people desired baptism, Ammon refused to perform the ordinance "considering himself an unworthy servant".[4] The reason for his feelings as an unworthy servant is unknown, and the people waited until they reached Zarahemla and could be baptised by Alma the Elder, who was previously a priest among them.

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