According to the Book of Mormon, Amaleki was a Nephite record keeper (ca 130 BC). He received the Plates of Nephi from his father Abinadom, and penned 18 verses in the Book of Omni (Omni 1:12-30). He Abinadom was the last person to write in the small plates of Nephi.

In his brief contribution to the Book of Mormon, Amaleki relates the flee of King Mosiah I and his people from the land of Nephi, and the subsequent discovery of the people and land of Zarahemla[1], who, like the Nephites, are shown to be descendants of the Israelites of the old world. Amaleki's writing also introduce the Jaredites for the first time in the Book of Mormon, since the people of Zarahemla had contact with Coriantumr, the last surviving Jaredite[2].

Before his death, Amaleki passed the Nephite record to King Benjamin, who was the son of the aforementioned King Mosiah[3].

Preceded by
Nephite record keeper of the small plates
Sometime after 279 B.C.
Succeeded by
King Benjamin


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