alt.atheism is a Usenet newsgroup within the alt.*hierarchy that discusses atheism.[1] A survey of usenet groups in 1994–1995 found that, among 70 groups discussing "consciousness, spirituality, and religion (broadly defined)", it was the group with the highest traffic volume.[2] Nash (2002) writes that "atheist and freethought newsgroups" including alt.atheism have "done much to remove the sense of isolation felt by many with antireligious opinions".[3]

Discussion matter

According to the alt.atheism FAQ,[4] the purpose of the group is to discuss atheism and atheist topics such as the following:

Ricker (2006) calls out another common discussion topic, the proper definition of atheism, as being "the thread that never dies on alt.atheism".[5] The popularization of the "weak and strong atheism" terminology for different definitions of atheism has been credited to discussions on the alt.atheism newsgroup.


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