Alpirsbach Kloster

Alpirsbach Abbey

Alpirsbach Abbey (in German Kloster Alpirsbach) was a house of the Benedictine Order located at Alpirsbach in Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

It was founded in 1095 by Count Adalbert of Zollern, Alwik of Sulz and Ruodman of Hausen, and settled by monks from Sankt Blasien in the Schwarzwald.

The Vögte (lords protectors) were successively the Counts of Zollern, the Dukes of Teck and the Counts of Württemberg.

It was dissolved as a Catholic monastery in 1535 in the course of the Reformation by Duke Ulrich of Württemberg, but the buildings have continued in Protestant use for various purposes until the present day.


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Coordinates: 48°20′46″N 8°24′15″E / 48.34611°N 8.40417°E / 48.34611; 8.40417

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