Aloysius (Alessandro Luigi) Gottifredi (3 May 1595, Rome - 12 March 1652, Rome) was an Italian Jesuit, elected the 9th Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He was in office less than two months.

Father Gottifredi died at the house of the professed Fathers, Rome, within two months of his election, and before the Fathers assembled in General Congregation for the election had concluded their labour. This makes of General Congregation X the only one to have elected two Superior Generals, as the same group of Electors proceeded, after the death of Gottifredi, to elect his successor : Goswin Nickel.

Gottifredi had been a professor of Theology and Rector of the Roman College, and later secretary of the Society under Father Mutio Vitelleschi.

Preceded by
Francisco Piccolomini
Superior General of the Society of Jesus
1652 – 1652
Succeeded by
Goschwin Nickel
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