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Founded 1982
Council Mateh Binyamin
Region West Bank
District Judea and Samaria Area
Affiliation Amana
Coordinates 31°49′54.12″N 35°17′43.44″E / 31.8317°N 35.2954°E / 31.8317; 35.2954Coordinates: 31°49′54.12″N 35°17′43.44″E / 31.8317°N 35.2954°E / 31.8317; 35.2954

Almon (Hebrew: עַלְמוֹן‎), also known as Anatot (Hebrew: עֲנָתוֹת‎), is a communal Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Located near Jerusalem, it falls under the jurisdiction of Mateh Binyamin Regional Council. In 2006 it had a population of 808.

The village was established in 1982 by a number of secular families with the help of the Amana organisation, and was named Anatot after the Levite city of Anathoth mentioned in the Book of Jeremiah 1:1. It later adopted the name Almon after the nearby Arab village of 'Ilmit.


Almon is located on a hill near the ruins of the Hariton Temple and the Prat Stream, between Jerusalem (Pisgat Ze'ev) and Ma'ale Adumim/Kfar Adumim. It is close to the Palestinian villages 'Anata and Hizma.


Almon is connected to Jerusalem and Highway 1 via Road 437. Buses are the only form of public transport available, entering the village four times on a workday.

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