This article is part of the series on the "Message of Gurbani"

"All the creation is His Body". The Sikh scriptures inform us that the whole of creation is God's body. The Lord is within his creation and also outside it. "He dwells inside, and outside as well." (SGGS p294)

Relevant Gurbani quotes

  • "Forming His creatures, He placed Himself within them; the Creator is unattached and infinite. (49)" (SGGS p937)
  • "Through and through, He is blended with His creation." (SGGS p294)
  • "The entire creation came from God. As it pleases Him, He creates the expanse. As it pleases Him, He becomes the One and Only again." (SGGS p294)
  • "His powers are so numerous, they cannot be known" (SGGS p294)
  • "He Himself is pervading everywhere....In all forms, He Himself is pervading." (SGGS p294)

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