Alisha Ann Itkin (born April 16, 1968[1]) is a Jewish American dance-pop singer from Brooklyn, New York who had several hits in the 1980s and 1990s.[2]

Music career

Her self-titled first album, produced by Mark Berry and released on Vanguard Records, included the hits "All Night Passion" (#4 Hot Dance US), "Baby Talk" (#1 Hot Dance US), and "Too Turned On" (#6 Hot Dance US) and sold over 2 million copies. Her second album, NightWalkin, was released on RCA Records in 1987 and included the songs "Do You Dream About Me?" (for the movie "Mannequin) and "Into My Secret" (which reached #9 on the Hot Dance US charts). Her third album Bounce Back was produced by Michael Jay and was released on MCA Records in 1990. It included the title track (which reached #10 on the Hot Dance US charts) and the single "Wrong Number", as well as featuring the background vocal talents of Martika and Donna De Lory. In 1996 Alisha released the dance single "Wherever The Rhythm Takes Me" (produced by Critique/Fever Records) and in 1999 was chosen to sing "You Wanna Be A Star", the title song for the Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon movie Superstar. Most recently Alisha has re-recorded her first single "All Night Passion" and released a Hi-NRG dance single. After taking some time off to have a family, Alisha has decided to return to singing and performing.



  • 1985 Alisha (Vanguard)
  • 1987 Nightwalkin' (RCA)
  • 1990 Bounce Back (MCA) (# 166 US)


  • 1984 "All Night Passion" (#103 US, #4 [2 weeks] Hot Dance US)
  • 1985 "Too Turned On" (#6 Hot Dance US)
  • 1985 "Baby Talk" (#68 US, #1 Hot Dance US)
  • 1986 "Stargazing" (#16 Hot Dance US)
  • 1987 "Into My Secret" (#97 US, #9 Hot Dance US) [RCA Records])
  • 1988 "Let Your Heart Make Up Your Mind" (#23 Hot Dance US)
  • 1988 "I Don't Know What Comes Over Me"
  • 1990 "Bounce Back" (#54 US, #10 Hot Dance US) [MCA Records]
  • 1990 "Wrong Number"
  • 1990 "You've Really Gotten To Me"
  • 1996 "Wherever The Rhythm Takes Me" [Critique Records]
  • 1999 "You Wanna Be a Star" [Jellybean Records]
  • 2004 "All Night Passion Remake"


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