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Alfei Menashe

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Alfei Menashe
Region West Bank
District Judea and Samaria Area
Government Local council (from 1987)
Hebrew אַלְפֵי מְנַשֶׁה
Name meaning Thousands of the tribe of Manasseh
Population 6,200 (2007)
Area 4600 dunams (4.6 km2; 1.8 sq mi)
Head of municipality Eliezer Hisdai
Founded in 1983
Coordinates 32°10′N 35°1′E / 32.167°N 35.017°E / 32.167; 35.017Coordinates: 32°10′N 35°1′E / 32.167°N 35.017°E / 32.167; 35.017

Alfei Menashe (Hebrew: אַלְפֵי מְנַשֶׁה‎) is a Jewish Israeli settlement located in the seam zone[1] on the western edge of the central West Bank. It was granted local council status in 1987. As of 2007, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics counts 6,200 residents.[2]

The town's proximity to the Green Line (less than 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) east) and its similar proximity to the Palestinian Arab town of Qalqilyah has made its inclusion on the Israeli side of the West Bank barrier controversial, especially as the looping nature of the barrier's path forms a quasi-enclave of some Arab villages to its south. In September 2005, Israel's Supreme Court ruled that the government must consider re-routing the barrier in this area. Work was begun in the summer of 2009 (and is ongoing as of October 2009) to construct a new route for the barrier, which will no longer incorporate the Palestinian village of Ras al-Tira (and several other villages) on the Israeli side.


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