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The holy, glorious and right-believing Martyr Alexandra the Empress (also known as Prisca) was married to Emperor Diocletian in the late third and early fourth centuries. She is honored with feast days on April 21 and April 23 (the latter being St. George's day).

She was so impressed with the courage of St. George during his martyrdom in the early fourth century that she became a Christian herself. As a consequence, she came under the same persecution that had resulted in St. George's death. Under the rule of Emperor Licinius, she was condemned and sentenced to beheading. According to one account, when she arrived at the place of her execution, she asked to be allowed to sit down. After her request was granted, she sat down and died quietly before the executioners could complete their task. Another account says that she was in fact beheaded along with her daughter Valeria, whom she had raised in Christian piety, before both their bodies were cast into the sea.

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