Alexander de Campo (alias Alexander Palliveettil, Parambil Chandy Malpan) is the first person to be appointed in India as a bishop from among the native Syrian Catholics of Kerala [1] . Until his time Indians held the office of deacon, archdeacon etc.

He was a native of Kuravilangad, in the present central Kerala. As a priest his original name was Father Parambil Chandy. He was consecrated Titular Bishop of Megara in Achala and Vicar Apostolic and Administrator of the Archbishopric of Cranganore on the 31st of January 1663, at Kaduthuruthy[2]. His appointment followed representations for the appointment of native Indians as bishops following the split in the church on account of the Coonan Cross Oath.

Alexander de Campo was later appointed as the Metropolitan of All India on March 03, 1674 [3]. He died on January 02, 1677 and was buried at Kuravilangad [4].

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