Bishop Garrett.


Alexander Charles Garrett (born, Ireland, 1832—died, Dallas, Texas, February 18, 1924) was an American Protestant Episcopal bishop, born in Ireland. He graduated at Trinity College, Dublin, in 1855, was curate of East Worldham, Hampshire (1856-59), and until 1869 served as a missionary in British Columbia. In 1870 he became rector of St. James's Church, San Francisco, and in 1872 dean of Trinity Cathedral, Omaha. In 1874 he was appointed Missionary Bishop of northern Texas and retained the bishopric after the formation of the diocese of Dallas. He wrote:

  • A Charge to the Clergy and Laity of North Texas (1875)
  • Historical Continuity (1875)
  • Baldwin Lectures on the Philosophy of the Incarnation

On the death of Daniel Sylvester Tuttle in April, 1923, the Rt. Rev. Alexander Garrett became presiding bishop. At that time he was 91 years old and totally blind.

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